Panoramic at sunrise, Christmas Hill Park, Ranchside.

Short Stories

Loves You, Loves You Not” in Voidspace Zine January 2023 (hybrid CNF/fiction)

Three Lines” (p. 12) in the evermore review December 2022

Curbing the appetite” in Icebreakers Lit (collaborative story with Gavin Turner and Tiffany Storrs) October 2022

Becoming a Ghost” in Bear Creek Gazette October 2022

Writer Friends” in Voidspace Zine (Issue 4) October 2022

Shark Dive” in Rejection Letters September 2022

Temporal” in Maudlin House co-authored with François Bereaud August 2022

The Hour He Lost” in The Write Launch August 2022

25 Men” in VoidSpace Zine Issue 3 July 2022

Irish Men” in Livina Press (p. 128) June 2022

White Knight” in Roi Fainéant Press June 2022

“All and Then None of You” in Alien Buddha Press‘ Psalms of the Alien Buddha Part 2 Anthology (p. 163) — available for purchase on Amazon May 2022

Cold Dog” in Moss Puppy Magazine Issue 2 (p. 96) May 2022

Not a Gardener” in Chapter House Journal March 2022

Rich Girls” in Roi Fainéant Literary Press February 2022

Ghost Monkeys” in Typeslash Review October 2021

The Seven-Month Itch” in Discretionary Love October 2021

30 Years” in Vois Stories May 2021


Hurt/Salve (I’m Not Crying, They’re Crying)” in Void Space Zine Pick a Word Popup December 2022

A Sort of Homecoming” in JAKE (flash fiction) September 2022

Brittle” in Punk Noir Magazine (flash) June 2022

Catch and Release” in Twin Pies Literary Journal January 2022

“Catfish” in Moss Puppy Magazine, Issue 1 Swampland, page 42 October 2021

Cork.” in sPARKLE & bLINK 11 August 2021

Laundry” in Rigorous Magazine August 2021

Forthcoming Creative Work

“Redemption Songs” was accepted by The Ice Colony/Lo-Fed Media

“Berlin” was accepted by The Hooghly Review Spring 2023