Poetry and Nonfiction

Manresa State Beach


“Fledgling,” “Voice-over Mine,” and “Drift” in Roi Fainéant Press April 2022

Chasm in Voidspace Zine Christmas Pop Up December 2021

“Lemon” in Pile Press November 2021

“On the Occasion of Your Fourth Birthday” in “the ocean waves” anthology July 2021 Available on Amazon

“Before We Were” on Placing Poems, a project of Poetry Day Ireland (poetry) April 2021

(Search the map for Sicily and click the pin near Caltanissetta to read it.)

Memorial Garden, Christmas Hill Park


Walking and Talking” in Void Space Zine September 2022

The Patient Pushes Back” in Void Space Zine April 2022

Six Gun Fights” in Variant Lit January 2022*

*Nominated for Best of the Net