Health reporting

Most community newspapers stick to the traditional beats of education, crime and government. When I started as a reporter at the Weekend Pinnacle newspaper in San Benito County, I created a niche for myself as a health reporter. If the editor suggested a feature on kids with autism or a piece on breast cancer survivors, I was often the first person to volunteer for the assignment. It wasn’t an official beat, but it’s one of cultivated through the years.

I like the background research that comes with reporting on medical or health-related topics, from looking up incidence statistics on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website to checking county public health rankings. I have a knack for finding personal stories to illustrate the numbers and for getting families to open up to me about the day-to-day struggles.
Here are few examples of my health reporting.

Families find ‘new norm’ after diabetes diagnosis

‘It turns your life upside down’

District deals with first flu case

Valley cancer patients must travel

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