Project Management: MLML Annual Report

During my time at San Jose State University, one project that makes me especially proud is my work on SJSU’s Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (MLML) annual report for 2015-16. The educational center and research lab celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2016 and I was charged with project managing a redesign of their annual report weeks before it was set to go to print.

I received via email a 70+ page word document that had dark photos, images of interiors without any people and formatting issues throughout. I realized quickly that I could help with copyediting the content, but would need support in redesigning the document in a way that would do justice to the amazing learning and research taking place at the world-class facility off the California’s Central Coast.

I worked with stakeholders to develop a budget for the design project, hired a free lane designer who could meet our tight deadline and worked with designers from my internal team to provide brand guidance and digital assets. As a result, we transformed the report into a polished document that reflected the university’s pride in the history and future of Moss Landing Marine Laboratories. The printed, bound booklet became a key resoure for scientists and development officer alike who were proud to share it with potential donors.

Original MossLanding_MarineLabs Draft

Final MossLanding_MarineLab_AnuualReport_2015-2016-digital

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